Peace, if Possible

If Possible, So far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men”  Romans 12:18 NASB

Our cats and chickens were raised together from birth and are totally at peace.  The cats will step aside and let the chickens eat their food.  They are so peaceful that the cats have to be fed after the chickens are locked up for the night.  We see the cats brushing up against the chickens for friendship.  This is a learned environment and not the natural order of things. In the natural order, the cats would be chasing the chickens to eat.  After all, a chicken is just a big bird.   Today and the rest of the holiday season families will be together who are not usually so close.  There may not always be peace but you can do your part. “In as much as possible, be at peace with all men”.  That alone tells you it may not be possible.   So just lower your expectations about a perfect family day.  They are rare and mostly in the movies.  Life if full of plan B.  Stand out from the flock and do your part, as much as possible.  So Happy Thanksgiving and Peace to you.

Standing out in the flock of fashion or accessories is more and more possible.  Vintage clothing and jewelry sites online are offering clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats and purses from many decades.  Etsy is one of the more popular sites. for vintage or handcrafted one of a kind items.    This old bracelet (from my shop)  is by Whiting and Davis, a very old costume jewelry designer who also made beaded bags in the 1920s.  Don’t be afraid to break out your grandmothers or mothers vintage costume jewelry and accessorize.  Old is the new, new.  Start your own trend, others will follow.

Stand out from the flock and be at peace if posible….God will guide you.

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I’m Worth What?

“Who can find a virtuous woman?  For her price is far above rubies” Proverbs 31:10 KJV

If our value as a woman is based on being virtuous, just what does that mean?  A virtuous woman’s whole life is centered around a reverent fear of God, compassion for those in need, and love toward her family.  The first thing to notice is that she is not self-absorbed.  It is not “all about her”.  She is busy doing and thinking of others.  Elisabeth Elliot told a young woman wanting a Godly husband, “To attract a man like that, you have to be a woman a man like that would want”  Others will be drawn to us when we are in the process of becoming virtuous.  There will be a sweetness about our life that will show in our countenance and make us beautiful from inside out.

Value of jewelry is very much like the value of a car.  As soon as that car drives off the showroom floor, the value drops dramatically.  As soon as that piece of jewelry leaves the store, the value drops by at least half.  Some antique jewelry has intrinsic value due to rarity, design or designer.   The term “Estate Jewelry” simply means pre-owned.  Antique jewelry is at least 100 years old.  Vintage is anything 25 years old or older.  That term is very loosely used on the internet.  Many couples are looking for vintage wedding rings because they remember Grandmothers and have a sentimental memory.  Great value can be found if you don’t mind the “estate jewelry” tag rather than the “mall tag”.

Sometimes people want to sell their jewelry to an estate dealer.  It is very difficult to explain the drop in price from what they paid to current value, since it is now “used jewelry”  A pawn shop will give you the lowest value.  A reputable jewelry store will give you a verbal appraisal free.  That way if you want to sell to friends or family, you will have an idea of what to ask.  Just be prepared that you will never get retail value.

Is your price “far above rubies”?  Where is your value?  It is in your character, of course.

Ruby and diamond ring is for sale in Etsy store


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Black Friday

Luke 23:44 “And it was now about the sixth hour (noon) and darkness fell over the whole land until about the ninth hour (3pm) …V46 and Jesus crying out with a loud voice said Father into thy hands I commit my spirit and having said this, he breathed his last.”  NASB

Black Friday is the name given to the huge shopping day after Thanksgiving.  People have been camping out for days already as I write this.  They are waiting for the stores to open on Friday morning just to get the very best deal.  The disciples had their own Black Friday when their hopes of an earthly king and kingdom died before their eyes.  Of course we know about resurrection Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead but they didn’t.  If all you know of Black Friday is shopping, then I invite you to read chapters 23 and 24 of the gospel of Luke in the Holy Scriptures.  Jesus fulfilled  His mission on earth and it is detailed in there.  He paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Sent by the father “For God so loved the world, he gave His only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 3:16

Black jewelry is very popular right now.  Black Diamonds!  Who would have  been able to predict just a few years ago that by irradiation diamonds could be cooked to any color.  Yellow, blue, black, green, red, pink, brown…exotic colors.  Of course these colors occur naturally but their rarity increases the price dramatically.  With the irradiation process, anyone can afford a diamond of their color choice.

Most women are willing to try something different.  Most of us have a signature piece of jewelry that helps us feel special.  Black diamond is a really hot fashion statement right now.  That reminds me of another jewelry store anecdote.  I was showing a young man a bridal set and told him it was really hot.  He stepped back and firmly told me “I don’t want no stolen goods”.  I never could convince him I meant popular and he left the store. (My bad)

If Black Friday shopping of your idea of fun, go for it!  Just don’t forget the Black Friday that gave us hope of eternal life.  Jesus paid his all.

The picture at top is a handmade antique mourning brooch set in coin silver and can be seen in my online store

Are you Running Well?

“You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth?”  Galatians 5:7

The Christian life is a marathon race and there are many of us on the road running together.  You know how marathon races are with tracks and people in those lanes.  All goes well as long as each one stays in their lane.  When you are bumped by someone it throws you off stride.  Then you slow down and lose your place in the race.   You are still in the race but you are not running as well.  The holiday season is a bump in the race for lots of people. This time of year is sad for many.  They feel lonely or they are alone.  They feel  inadequate for the social whirl upcoming in the holidays.  Money may be short.  Health may be poor.  Family dynamics may be broken or hurt.  They slow down in the christian life marathon and start to feel guilty.  Today I want to encourage you to keep running.  If you lose your lane, just run in the one you have.  “God will make a way where there seems to be no way.  He works in ways we cannot see, God will make a way for me.  He will be my guide,  hold me closely to his side. With love and strength for each new day.  He will make a way, He will make a way”  Another thought.  Seek what God wants of you, not what people expect.  It is not always the same thing and it is not always an easy thing to see.  A runner prepares for the race by running.   We are in a life-long race but oh the prize at the end!  Just keep running!

Beautiful surroundings give us a feeling of well-being.  Thanksgiving is a time that many bring out their very best china and create a lovely setting for the turkey or ham that has been prepared.   We have extra desserts, salads and rolls.  We go the extra mile, we keep running to make this the best dinner ever.  If you are a paper plate person, how about doing something different this year?    Break out your best and treat your family.  Get dressed in something nice, wear some jewelry. Put on a little make up.   As one old preacher said “Any old barn looks better with a little paint”  What can it hurt?  It might help you keep running in the life race and on through the holiday season.

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”  Philippians 4:13

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Like a Weaned Child


“Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child rests against his mother.  My soul is like a weaned child within me”  Psalms 131:2 NASB

You see the process of weaning out on the farm.  The cow butts the calf away again and again.  The mother cat swipes at the kittens and they scatter.  The hen runs at the chicks to scare them away from her.  But after this all happens, they can be in the same area with no problem from the previous bond that held them.  In the culture of this verse from psalms, a child would have been maybe 3 years old before weaning and no longer a baby.  Finally after the struggle between the mother and child, there could be a peaceful cuddle with no thought of nursing.   The bond that held them is still there but different.  We can lean on Jesus as that sweet child leans on the mother.  Knowing the bond we have is permanent and special.   In this psalm David had been delivered from self-seeking and found contentment in the Lord.  Where are you in the process?  Can you rest quietly on Jesus breast and find peace?  This is one of my favorite verses when I have been troubled.  I imagine myself resting on Jesus and it all gets better.

This is a Sunday post and no jewelry facts.  I just want to honor the Lord on His day.  God bless and keep all who read here.

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Apple of the Eye

“Keep me as the apple of the eye.  Hide me in the shadow of thy wings”  Proverbs 17:8 NASB

This verse has nothing to do with fruit!  Apple of the eye referred to the pupil of your eye.  What do you do if there is danger of someone or something poking you in the eye.  Our most basic instinct of self-preservation kicks in and we guard our eye.  This verse is a prayer of protection to God.  Please protect my most tender and vulnerable parts by hiding me in the shadow of your wings.  When my family has needed protection, I’ve used this as a prayer for them.  It has worked.   I’ve prayed it when I was scared and needy.  What a perfect picture of protection, hiding behind God’s wings like a little child hides behinds its mother.

In some cultures wearing jewelry with the all-seeing-eye is popular.  I’ve never been sure of the meaning of that symbolism.  Maybe God sees all?  (He does). Maybe God is everywhere?  (He is).  Maybe to remind us he will protect us as the apple of the eye?  (He will).

Lord keep me as the apple of the eye.  I will bless your holy name forever


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It only Takes a Spark!

“It only takes a spark, to get a fire going, and soon all those around can warm up by its glowing…”

“Watch over your heart with all diligence for from it flow the springs of life” Proverbs 4:3 NASB

The heart holds our emotions.  Our emotions in return affect our lives which affect those around us.   I have a friend with a willing heart.  if someone is in distress (anywhere) she feels a need to help them.  Another friend has a tender heart.  She will cry with and for you at any given moment.  Anther friend has a saving heart.  She would be missionary to the world. Then there is my friend with the servant’s heart.  She is always looking to serve others.  What about the one with the encouraging heart.  Just talk with this friend and everything seems better that you first thought.  There there is the teaching heart.  I learn from this friend each time I am with her.  When I’m around each of these friends, my heart is touched by them.  It only takes a spark…..

Hearts are such a symbol of love that they are a natural for jewelry too.  When you can put diamonds (a girl’s best friend) and gold into the shape of a love symbol, then it doesn’t get better than that.    When I worked at the jewelry store, a heart diamond pendant was the first choice of most men when they came to buy a gift for their woman. I’m not sure if all the women felt the same:)  We’ve had the circle of life, the journey pendant but the heart is still number one.

What part is your heart playing in your friends lives?  What spark is being passed on to them?

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