Peace, if Possible

If Possible, So far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men”  Romans 12:18 NASB

Our cats and chickens were raised together from birth and are totally at peace.  The cats will step aside and let the chickens eat their food.  They are so peaceful that the cats have to be fed after the chickens are locked up for the night.  We see the cats brushing up against the chickens for friendship.  This is a learned environment and not the natural order of things. In the natural order, the cats would be chasing the chickens to eat.  After all, a chicken is just a big bird.   Today and the rest of the holiday season families will be together who are not usually so close.  There may not always be peace but you can do your part. “In as much as possible, be at peace with all men”.  That alone tells you it may not be possible.   So just lower your expectations about a perfect family day.  They are rare and mostly in the movies.  Life if full of plan B.  Stand out from the flock and do your part, as much as possible.  So Happy Thanksgiving and Peace to you.

Standing out in the flock of fashion or accessories is more and more possible.  Vintage clothing and jewelry sites online are offering clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats and purses from many decades.  Etsy is one of the more popular sites. for vintage or handcrafted one of a kind items.    This old bracelet (from my shop)  is by Whiting and Davis, a very old costume jewelry designer who also made beaded bags in the 1920s.  Don’t be afraid to break out your grandmothers or mothers vintage costume jewelry and accessorize.  Old is the new, new.  Start your own trend, others will follow.

Stand out from the flock and be at peace if posible….God will guide you.


2 thoughts on “Peace, if Possible

  1. Thank you betty for sharing. Im reminded of the natural order of things when my dog and cat groom each other. Have a great day.

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