I’m Worth What?

“Who can find a virtuous woman?  For her price is far above rubies” Proverbs 31:10 KJV

If our value as a woman is based on being virtuous, just what does that mean?  A virtuous woman’s whole life is centered around a reverent fear of God, compassion for those in need, and love toward her family.  The first thing to notice is that she is not self-absorbed.  It is not “all about her”.  She is busy doing and thinking of others.  Elisabeth Elliot told a young woman wanting a Godly husband, “To attract a man like that, you have to be a woman a man like that would want”  Others will be drawn to us when we are in the process of becoming virtuous.  There will be a sweetness about our life that will show in our countenance and make us beautiful from inside out.

Value of jewelry is very much like the value of a car.  As soon as that car drives off the showroom floor, the value drops dramatically.  As soon as that piece of jewelry leaves the store, the value drops by at least half.  Some antique jewelry has intrinsic value due to rarity, design or designer.   The term “Estate Jewelry” simply means pre-owned.  Antique jewelry is at least 100 years old.  Vintage is anything 25 years old or older.  That term is very loosely used on the internet.  Many couples are looking for vintage wedding rings because they remember Grandmothers and have a sentimental memory.  Great value can be found if you don’t mind the “estate jewelry” tag rather than the “mall tag”.

Sometimes people want to sell their jewelry to an estate dealer.  It is very difficult to explain the drop in price from what they paid to current value, since it is now “used jewelry”  A pawn shop will give you the lowest value.  A reputable jewelry store will give you a verbal appraisal free.  That way if you want to sell to friends or family, you will have an idea of what to ask.  Just be prepared that you will never get retail value.

Is your price “far above rubies”?  Where is your value?  It is in your character, of course.

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