Like a Weaned Child


“Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child rests against his mother.  My soul is like a weaned child within me”  Psalms 131:2 NASB

You see the process of weaning out on the farm.  The cow butts the calf away again and again.  The mother cat swipes at the kittens and they scatter.  The hen runs at the chicks to scare them away from her.  But after this all happens, they can be in the same area with no problem from the previous bond that held them.  In the culture of this verse from psalms, a child would have been maybe 3 years old before weaning and no longer a baby.  Finally after the struggle between the mother and child, there could be a peaceful cuddle with no thought of nursing.   The bond that held them is still there but different.  We can lean on Jesus as that sweet child leans on the mother.  Knowing the bond we have is permanent and special.   In this psalm David had been delivered from self-seeking and found contentment in the Lord.  Where are you in the process?  Can you rest quietly on Jesus breast and find peace?  This is one of my favorite verses when I have been troubled.  I imagine myself resting on Jesus and it all gets better.

This is a Sunday post and no jewelry facts.  I just want to honor the Lord on His day.  God bless and keep all who read here.


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