Are You a 14K Friend?

What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear.  what a privilege to carry everything to Him in prayer.  Do thy friends despise forsake thee? He will all your sorrows bear.  Jesus knows our every weakness.  Take it to the Lord in prayer

That old song talks about a friendship that can support every need.  Sins, grief, sorrow, joy, He understands it all.  When everyone else is gone, Jesus is there.  We just have to talk to Him in prayer.   Am I a friend like that to those who need me?  Do I truly care about their needs or just semi-listen till I can talk about my own problems again?  When someone trusts you enough to open up and share a problem, a cycle begins.  You hear the problem and empathize or sympathize with them.  You decide if you can help in any practical way.  Do they just need an ear?  A solution?  Then the big choice begins.  Will you be a true friend and keep their confidence?  Will  you run to the Throne or the Phone for them?  If it broke your heart to hear, will you carry their weakness in your heart while covering them in love and silence.

Genuine gold is marked with a purity stamp of 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K,  or 24K to prove the content.  Then there are those tricky marks such as 18K GEP which means gold electroplated.  The gold looks good but underneath is a base metal with a thin veneer of gold overlay.  We can be a true 14K gold friend or a GEP friend.  We look good but it is only a thin layer of friendship that won’t standup to daily use.  The veneer will wear off and our true nature will be shown.

Lord, please help me be a 14K friend to those who trust me.


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