What is your Treasure and Where is it?

Luke 12:34 “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”

Today I misplaced a valuable diamond ring.  It was important because it already belonged to someone else and was supposed to be mailed today.  I was like the woman of Holy Scriptures who when she lost one of her ten coins, lit a lamp and swept till she found it.(Luke 15:8)   I prayed, told myself it was only material and many people were sick unto death and how important was this treasure.  However, I still lit a lamp, swept, searched and asked my dear friends to pray with me.  Late in the afternoon, God brought a thought to my mind forcefully.  I called the jewelry store and remembered that I had taken it in to be sized, not picked it up from sizing.  What a relief!  What joy that those young people who have been diligently been paying for the ring will never know how close I came to losing their treasure.  God brought to my mind today that He is interested in all our problems.  I felt the prayers of my friends and a deep peace came over me knowing that.  The second thing I did was like the woman in Luke 15:9, She called her friends and said” rejoice with me for I have found that which was lost”.  I felt rich in the friends and family treasure today.  Thank you for praying and caring with me.

I can hardly believe that heaven will be paved with Gold.  What is treasure here, is street material up there.  What is my real treasure here on earth?  I love beautiful things but they pale in comparison to God’s love and the love of my family and friends.  Dear Lord, help me to treasure what God does and not only the shiny.

What is your treasure?  The bible says where our heart is, our treasure will be also.   Please God, fill my heart with your treasure.



2 thoughts on “What is your Treasure and Where is it?

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