Retirement – I was born for it!

“This is the Day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it”  Psalms 118:24

When people say “You’re retired! What do you do all day?” that is the first clue that their life was boring when they worked:) Retirement is the gold of the golden years. By that, of course, I mean selling estate jewelry. There is nothing like investing your hard-earned money in something that you hope someone else will want to buy. The excitement and anticipation when you log into your on-line shop or email and see that instant payment will brighten your day. Also knowing that you’ve brought an instant heirloom to another family to treasure and pass down. Jewels, gold, and artistic design touch the soul with beauty and warmth. Then there is the spiritual gold of knowing Christ and His love. Sharing with on-line friends the prayer requests, answers, and peace of the Christian Life. Retirement – Whoever had time to work….Retirement was a life-lift, who needed a face-lift!

What gold have you found for the golden years?  Don’t forget the gold that only God can put into your life.


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